Modify Your Look Without the Permanency

Modify Your Look Without the Permanency

There are so many ways to modify your look without too much commitment on your end. For people who are constantly changing their taste and style, this comes as a relief. You do not have to be permanently in love with the look if you can simply get rid of it, or change it to suit your next one. In fact, you could have a new look every day, and do it pretty simply.

  1. Your Makeup
    Depending how masterful you are with a makeup brush, you can dramatically change your appearance. From simply reshaping your brows, to fully contouring your face into chiselled perfection, you are able to seriously alter the way you look. Of course, there is nothing wrong with going barefaced in life, but if you wanted to mix up your everyday routine easily and without pain, makeup is a great start.

  2. Hair Colour
    Showcase all the colours of the rainbow on your head! Using semi-permanent dyes could be the way forward when it comes to changing up your look. From pink and red hues to greens, blues and purples, anything is now possible with the constant array of dyes on the market. Dyeing your hair can easily be made temporary by using wash out colours, meaning you could essentially change your hair as often as you want to (without causing damage to your scalp, of course).

  3. Contact Lenses
    Imagine changing your eye colour daily to suit an outfit? With the use of contact lenses, you can do just that. Not even your eye colour has to be a permanent fixture in your everyday look, with the ability to put a coloured or patterned lenses on top of your iris. You can simply change from brown to blue eyes, or go all out with pink, or even UV contact lenses.
  4. Temporary Tattoos

Tattoos do not have to be a lifelong commitment. You can opt for the pain free, temporary tattoo which will not only allow you to wash it off, but to test out any future tattoo endeavours before you commit to it. If you’re lazy and just want an easier option, you could also opt for tattoo sleeves, which can easily be slotted underneath a t-shirt to show off a full sleeved design.

Modifying your look can be a great form of self-expression. With these small yet effective ways of altering your appearance temporarily, you can truly match yourself with any outfit, or fulfil your desires for the short term without the lifetime label.