Going Beyond The Earlobe

Going Beyond The Earlobe

Stand out from the crowd. If you’re looking for a piercing that’s a little bit uncommon, a little bit daring, or a little bit out there, maybe think a little bit beyond ‘getting my ears pierced’. A good, skilled piercing salon will know how to safely pierce an ear in more than a dozen different ways, so maybe consider one of these instead of (or in addition to!) the classic earlobe piercing.

More than one way to pierce an ear

You’ve probably seen someone walking around with an industrial or bar piercing – it’s a pretty eye-catching piece of jewellery. Unlike other piercings, this is neither a ring nor a stud, and instead – as its name suggests – is a bar threaded through two holes in the upper ear cartilage. The much larger size of the jewellery means that you have room for some much bolder looks. If you don’t feel like wearing your bar, you can also use the existing holes for rings. Consult with your piercer to find out what other pieces of jewellery will suit.

Cousin to the bar piercing is the orbital piercing. This piercing is also done in the upper ear, but the holes are much closer together, and the jewellery is usually circular or curved rather than straight. If you’re big on hoop earrings, this is a fresh take on an old classic that will definitely turn heads.

Done towards the inner part of the ear where it joins your skull, daith and tragus piercings are both popular options because of their versatility. A true daith piercing is hard to pull off, requiring a specially curved needle that threads the piercing through the innermost cartilage fold of the ear. When correctly done, a daith piercing looks like it is emerging directly from the ear canal, creating a very striking effect.

A tragus piercing is performed lower down on the ear, through the small oval-shaped piece of cartilage that connects directly to the skull. Ideal for elaborate or decorative studs, it’s a highly visible part of your face.

Know your healing times

It’s important to know that if you’re getting your cartilage pierced – and all of the above piercings do go through cartilage – it will take a while to heal, between three and six months. It is critical that even with the long healing period that you keep up the cleaning and aftercare ritual to ensure you stay infection free.

For more information on having your ears – or any part of your body – pierced, get in touch with your nearest Off Ya Tree location.