Back to the future!

Back to the future!

Let’s be honest, great looks never go out of style when it comes to Manic Panic. Everyone will flip out when you change your hairstyle… especially when you’re using a gradient effect too! 

If you’re looking for something vibrant, then look no further than Manic Panic!

Manic Panic hair dye won’t damage your hair (if used correctly of course) as the packaging suggests. So we definitely don’t recommend using peroxide or any other permanent hair colourants… just let Manic Panic work it’s magic for you! The results will show for itself. Plus, it's not tested on animals, only celebrities so you’re safe! 

Whether you’re mixing colours with Manic Panic or using it straight, we always recommend completing a test strand first and always wear protective colouring gloves. Might even help to wear some old clothes in the case of any spillage, as it may stain clothing and no one wants to ruin any clothing. 

Shh… we have a pro trick to get your Manic Panic hair colour to last longer… rinse your hair with white vinegar straight after you've coloured it. Yep, we know it sounds weird, but it’s a hot tip that will definitely work! For a little bit of science, it actually raises the pH level of the hair dye and gives the colour more permanence. 

A hot tip from Tish at Manic Panic HQ suggests the following:

“For colour maintenance, I recommend washing hair only once a week and only use shampoo when ABSOLUTELY necessary.”

Thanks Tish! – if anyone knows what they’re talking about, it’s going to be Tish!