How to make your outfit unique: Men’s Edition

How to make your outfit unique: Men’s Edition

Have you ever walked down the street, into a shop, or gone to hang out with your group of friends to find that you are dressed almost too similar to someone? If you haven’t had one of these awkward encounters, count yourself lucky. But for us mere mortals, I’m sure there has been at least one moment in time where you thought you would have to go home and change.

There is a way to combat these moments from happening again, and that is through personalising your outfit. Adding your unique taste and style into every outfit through our suggested methods below is a foolproof way to make sure you aren’t caught in this situation again.

  1. Printed Socks

Socks do not just have to be the bland middle ground between your foot and your shoe. An easy way to add your own twist to any outfit, formal or casual, is through your socks. Through bold colours, catchy prints and geometric patterns you can change any outfit look from a plain carbon copy to one featuring pizza slices, tacos, anchors, beers and more. Simply wear ankle grazing jeans, and figure yourself out a 5-day plan for your socks during the week to feature all the designs you want. 

  1. Patches

If you want to add flare to your wardrobe without breaking the budget, patches are a great away to do so. The amusing imagery and text that can be found on these little statements are a great addition to any outfit. Simply sew or iron on the patches to your jacket, plain t-shirt, jeans or caps and you have yourself a way of personalising your outfit.

  1. Suspenders

It may seem old school, but there is a reason they have been around since the 1820s. Suspenders are no longer used just to keep our pants up, but to quickly add a twist to your shirt and jeans combo. With a range of styles, prints and colours available, you have to be confident and bold to rock such an iconic accessory. 

  1. Caps

Not only will you be SunSmart, but pairing caps with your outfit can help achieve effortless outfit goals. You can make any outfit look different simply by the bold print, illustration or slogan that is shown on your cap or beanie. Whether you want to rock your favourite band logo, or camouflage your bed hair, this styling tip is an easy one that any guy can do. 

If you want to get started on personalising your outfit, check out our full range of accessories. This includes our range of belts, belt buckles, suspenders, socks, scarves, patches and caps so that you can change your look easily in an affordable way. Making your outfit unique has never been simpler with the range at Off Ya Tree. See our full collection today.