Ear Piercing Guide

Ear Piercing Guide

You probably hear a lot of names thrown around when talking about ear piercings. Confusing to many, they wander in to the parlour and have no idea where to begin, or how to explain the area they want pierced. We have put together an easy guide for beginners, or anyone who is curious about the multitude of different areas that can be pierced on a singular body part! 

Lobe Piercing

Ahh, the familiar, the known, the classic: lobe piercing. This is the most common ear piercing that you would see on people. Basic, quick and easy to pierce, lobe piercings are a good one for people to begin with. 

Upper Lobe Piercing

Same, same but different is the upper lobe piercing. Located on the earlobe, this piercing is on the higher region of the ear lobe. Usually done to pair with lobe piercings, this is a way to fit two earrings on one ear whilst keeping it simple. 

Auricle Piercing

What? You may have never heard of this before, but an auricle piercing isn’t hard to understand. If you trace your finger on the outer rim of cartilage your ear has, an auricle piercing would sit somewhere in the middle. 

Helix Piercing

If you keep tracing your finger upwards after you figure out the placement of the auricle piercing, you will soon reach the outer ‘corner’ of your ear. This is where a helix piercing would live, and is also a very common piercing amongst people. 

Industrial Piercing

Usually located in the upper ear cartilage, an industrial piercing is two holes connected usually by a singular bar. If you hold your finger diagonally across the top of your ear, you could get an idea where this piercing would go! Very unique and eye-catching, this piercing can add character to your ear. 

Conch Piercing

A conch piercing is located on near the auricle piercing, but in the inner ear cartilage. Passing through the cartilage and coming out behind the ear, these look great with rings looping around the cartilage on the ears rim. 

Tragus Piercing

A tragus Piercing is one that is located where your ear connects to your head Passing through that little lump, these are a very cool looking piercing to have. 

Rook Piercing

Right near the tragus piercing is where you would find the location of the rook piercing. Located in the upper inner section of the ear, this one passes through the small groove of cartilage to sit vertically through it. 

Daith Piercing

Located in the cartilage piece above the tragus, closest to the head is the Daith Piercing. Usually sitting with a ring placed through, they are used to place creative earrings in a very visible and unique part of the ear. 

Off Ya Tree are able to pierce your ear the right way. Using needles to ensure that no damage is done to the cartilage of the ear, our team of professionals can ensure safe and hygienic practices are used.