Exciting stocking stuffers for Christmas

Exciting stocking stuffers for Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner, Off Ya Tree have put together a tidy gift guide for the person wanting something a little more interesting than socks and underwear. Whether it be interesting shapes, amazing scents or great designs, these small gifts are perfect for a friend or family member who has a more interesting personality than most! 

Hex-Bomb Bath bombs

The range of Hex-Bomb bath bombs are the perfect gift for those that like to have a little fun come bath time. When placed in bathwater, they dissolve to release glorious scents and colours, and are guaranteed to never stain your bath or your skin.

The delicious fragrances include blueberry muffin, choc chip cookie, rose garden and the always-inviting dragon’s blood.

With over a dozen scents and colours to choose from that are friendly to sensitive skin, the range of Hex-Bomb creepy bath bombs are sure to make a splash at Christmas time! 

Tiki mugs

Tiki mugs by Sourpuss are ideal for someone who enjoys drinking vessels that are a little more ominous than usual drinking fare.

Measuring 16.5 centimetres, these huge vintage-inspired mugs definitely make their presence known. They are available in three very cool designs – a shrunken green head, a grinning turquoise head and a purple zombie head.

Mugs are an ideal gift as they are perfect for drinking all year round, whether it be in summer as a cocktail glass or filled with tasty hot coffee or chocolate during winter. They even make for excellent decorations!

Sourpuss kitchenware

Kitchenware is predictable. From metal cylindrical jars, to glass salt and pepper shakers – it’s all a bit boring, really. Thankfully, Sourpuss have designed morbid kitchenware that’ll have guests shocked (in the best possible way).

Salt and pepper shakers in the shape of tombstones are a great way to remember your favourite horror film while you’re seasoning your food, and the Sourpuss brain shaped cookie jar makes you feel like an insane surgeon as you frantically thrust your hand inside the jar searching for cookies.

The far less sinister cat platter is a great way to serve food for your more squeamish friends, while still having the same horror theme.

Don’t let Christmas be boring!

If you think a loved one’s Christmas would benefit from some horror overtones, Off Ya Tree have these gifts and more on our online store. Check out our range today and surprise someone with scares!