4 Ways to Accessorise Your Pin Up Style | Off Ya Tree

4 Ways to Accessorise Your Pin Up Style | Off Ya Tree

Originating in the 50s, Pin Up is one of the most iconic and memorable fashion looks in history. It is rooted in old Hollywood, and has the likes of Bettie Page and Betty Grable behind it. Even with its progression from the past to modern day, there are some iconic styling techniques that are still used today. Accessories are what make the pin up style come together, so here are some for you to include in your looks. 



One of the most known additions to any pin up outfit are a killer pair of stockings, particularly seamless stockings and back seam stockings. Make sure that you include this in your pin up wardrobe because they go with everything, and can complete the look! 

High Heels

No pin up wardrobe is finished without a killer pair of shoes. From pumps to peep toes, they are a powerful addition, and have been part of the pin up style since the beginning. High heels are known for making legs look longer and have an air of femininity about them. If you stay true to the true pin up colours of black, white and red, and use a combination of prints and material types, you will have your outfit set.

All About the Hair!

The one thing that a pin up girl can’t go without is a classic hair style. From old Hollywood curls, to victory rolls, bangs and more, you must perfect the hairstyles that graced the covers of magazines and billboards. More than that, you need to be able to include the stylistic touches such as bandanas, hair wraps and hair clips. Stock up on the hair pins, hairsprays, and hair curlers because you will need it! 

That Red Lip

The kiss that seals the deal. Red lipstick should be included in nearly every pin up look. Not only can it boost confidence, but it highlights your smile and oozes that incredible pin up style. Not only that, but a subtle pink cheek and a winged eyeliner can go a long way as well, and really finish off the look! Keep it simple, clean and stick to the classic colours that we touched on earlier to ensure that your makeup can be worn through any clothing styles.  

Make sure that you include some or all of these style tips in your next pin up look!